ADD Rambling

For more webcomics like this visit: It's Sunday morning and I'm waiting for the feelings to hit, but nothing yet. My chocolate, silver colored dog with amber eyes in rolling back and forth on the floor thoroughly enjoying herself. I made it my goal, this morning, to like whatever kind of coffee I put... Continue Reading →

Maybe I should get some help.

What. A. Week. Nothing really bad happened but it was just mentally difficult. Someone in my life was trying to be supportive and asked what they could do to help and I just kept repeating, "Nothing, it's really all me, it's in my head and I just have to stop thinking the way I'm thinking."... Continue Reading →

I must be pretty messed up…

I’m currently reading, some actively and some just sitting on my kindle half finished, NINE self-help books. Must be I think I am pretty messed up and need to be fixed…well, yeah, doesn’t everyone? My mentality since I started dating my significant other two years ago and when I quit drinking a little over a... Continue Reading →


Well, never have I ever, put my tattoos up on social media and all of them are completely hidden by my clothing unless I'm wearing a bathing suit so I figured the blog would be the best place to share about them. The stigma that goes along with tattoos still continues even though most in... Continue Reading →

Triggers…”A Star is Born”

I have never experienced anything like "A Star is Born" featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (also directed by Bradley Cooper...his first time directing EVER!). When I walked into the movie theater I was completely unaware that parts of my life and my struggle with alcohol would be showing on the screen. This film brought... Continue Reading →

It’s Been Awhile

Ah, I have not written a blog post in quite awhile and I apologize to the blogging community and my followers. The past couple of weeks have been full of a lot of things and I needed to get my brain and my priorities in line so I put writing to the wayside. Recently we... Continue Reading →

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