What I learned scrolling through social media just now.

I just got in the bathtub and started scrolling through Instagram and found a post from a former high school classmate who is involved in a project for victims of sexual, physical, and psychological domestic violence. The website that the post is linked with, https://www.the-ing.com/stories, features people sharing their stories via documentary/interview style videos in hopes of helping others heal (that was my plug for the-ing) but not the point of this post.

I saw that post on Instagram, thought about my blog, and instantly thought, “what good is my blog doing for anyone…it is nothing compared to this amazing project.”

Why was that my first thought? Why wasn’t my first thought, “Oh man this is so wonderful I should support them!” It’s because society as a whole has always been based upon competition and survival and we are all a product of “social media”. Survival, in the first world (which the term is absolutely ridiculous), is more about social survival and doing better than our neighbors…who happen to be now conveniently giving us the details of their lives on social media (this is not an original thought I know but important to mention none the less).

I have always found it difficult to be happy for other people who have the things I want or are better than me.

I’m human…I’ll admit my faults.

But being human doesn’t give me an excuse to quit doing something I love, like writing my blog, just because I don’t think it’s as good or as important as someone else’s work. Being envious of others makes me give up…it doesn’t fuel me.

Who am I to say that writing my blog isn’t helping someone or changing someone’s thoughts and opinions? Also, why do I care if it does? Why do I feel the need to accomplish something great and important? It’s never going to be enough…as a species we’re always striving for more (the Hedonic Treadmill).

So what I learned scrolling through social media just now is that we all just need to take a step back, breathe, and be happy for the damn co-worker who did something better than you even though you’ve been trying your hardest, the friend who is pregnant and you’re not, or that girl who posts perfect pictures on Instagram and you can’t stand it.

Nobody likes a jealous a$$hole and you don’t need the worlds validation to make you feel better about yourself.

Thanks for reading as always!

❤ Rachael

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