Instagram Culture/Selfies

I was recently listening to a Jenna + Julien podcast (Jenna Marbles YouTube personality and Julien Solomita Vlogger) and they were discussing many different topics, as per usual, and Jenna brought up Instagram. Specifically, that she hardly posts on Instagram or posts selfies, and I was like GURRRRRL YES! For some reason I find it unnerving to post a selfie on any social media and yet there are millions of people who post cute, sexy, hot, adorable, pictures of themselves out in the world or at the gym doing “things”. I might get some back lash for this but when I see someone post a selfie on Instagram I’m thinking, “Oh my God get over yourself” and then my next thought is, “Dammit Rachael they’re feeling themselves and if you looked like that you’d want to post a picture too right?” and then I’m all like, “What about women being able to feel good and show off their bodies if they want to?”.

#selfie #McDonald’s #feelingmyself #isthisanadforadidasandmcdonald’s?

For me, personally, I like how I look but whenever I think about posting a selfie I automatically feel silly. Maybe it’s because my first experience with Instagram was when some teenagers at an afterschool non-profit I worked for were like, “Rachael get an Instagram account” and I was like, “What the hell is that?” Posting selfies on Instagram seems like a very “teenager/middle schooler” thing to do, a way to find out if your peers “like” you and dispel any insecurities you have about your weird shaped nose, absence of muscles, or whether or not your make-up is “on-point”.

Posts on Instagram also feel very fake or orchestrated to me. Like, girl/boy/non-binary gender how long did it take you to do your makeup and hair, how many pictures did you take before you got the “perfect” one, and how long did you spend editing and choosing a filter? Everyone is painting a beautiful picture of their put together lives but IT IS NOT REAL (with the exception of those of us who are taking pictures and not using filters).

If anything, Instagram makes me feel like I’m not good enough. Thin, muscular women at the gym doing squats, flawless selfies, people’s vacation to other countries, it just makes you want those things and they are not necessarily things you need or want. Who is going to teach the up and coming generations about social media and how it affects our human minds, our self-esteem, and our lives? Alrighty, I’m getting off the soap box now, and I will leave you with reasons why I enjoy Instagram.

  1. I live far away from home and it allows my friends and family to see my sweet pictures of Alaska.
  2. I use it to spread the word about my blog posts.
  3. I have a dog, I can put pictures on the internet for all to see in a fast and convenient fashion…YES.
  4. I like following posts about my interests such as drawing, art, dogs, mental health, and introvert posts.

As always, thanks for reading,

Xoxo Rachael Woolever

P.S. Here’s the link to the Jenna+Julien podcast they upload on Mondays: (I listen on Spotify)

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