Hello? Hellllooooooo?

Hello, my name is Rachael, and this is not my first attempt at a blog, it is actually, probably my third attempt as well as my first legitimate attempt to write on the “interwebs” (yes, I said the “interwebs”).

To give you the stereotypical answers of who I am I will tell you that I am a Master’s student (studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling online), a fledgling writer, a non-drinker, an aunt, a daughter, and a sister. I am a Pisces (yes I know astrology is not a real science, let me dream!) who loves the water and cannot make up her mind, who is anxious-quite anxious at times, or a worrier (if you prefer), and I have worked all of these jobs: Dance teacher’s assistant, babysitter, cleaner, bartender, factory worker, Drug/Alcohol Prevention Specialist (twice now!), barista, as well as a Residential Mental Health Counselor.

I have come back into the blogging world to start writing again in order to make sense of the world and find pleasure in it. I spent a majority of my high school years staying up late on school nights journaling and then later on during college writing papers, poems, and stories about my life. There is something almost magical about writing late into the night while the whole house is quiet and dark. All this to say, writing makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile, something that is beyond the everyday sleep, work, eat routine.

This blog will be devoted to my life and my experience with anxiety/depression: the good, the really good, the bad, and the ugly. I have found through searching Google for my own answers to questions about anxiety that the best advice has been given by people who write about their experiences. That moment when you are reading someone’s post and think, “OH MY GOD THAT’S ME!” I hope I can give you all some “OH MY GOD” moments, but I also hope that you all can help me too! Please, please, please, give me feedback! I welcome any comments arguments, refreshments, cookies, oh lord I am already off track here. But really, if there is something you would like me to write about, if you have a question, anything, just let me know. But full disclosure here: I am not a licensed counselor, I am just a girl with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, so what I say IS NOT advice from a trained professional, it is just what works for me (or does not)!

One more thing, the name of my blog, “We’ll Make the Best of What’s Around”, is a lyric from the Dave Matthews Band song, “The Best of What’s Around”. Essentially, the song discusses a mindset, the mindset of “hey, we all get down sometimes and the world is shitty but we’ve got to make the best of it, hold onto the good people we’ve got, and find some happiness”. This has been my mindset lately and I hope to hang onto it for the years to come. I will end this first post with one of the song’s lines,

“See you and me

Have a better time than most can dream

Have it better than the best

So we can pull on through

Whatever tears at us

Whatever holds us down

And if nothing can be done

We’ll make the best of what’s around

-Dave Matthews Band

Check for new blog posts every Thursday and thanks for reading,

❤ Rachael

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  1. Rachel – You have embarked upon a wonderful journey with this blog, your move, this chapter in your life. I have so enjoyed the brief time we’ve known each other – your wisdom, openness, ease in being honest with people (I should learn to be so) and above all your kick-ass sense of humor. Not to mention spontaneity! Too many people are just sticks in the mud. Me, I’m rarin’ to go; just have to get a few (major) things in order… I will really really miss having you around this place but now I can keep in touch through your blog, and sometime in the not-too-distant future we will visit you in the 49th state. Be well, and he-yut tha ha-way!

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