ADD Rambling

For more webcomics like this visit: It's Sunday morning and I'm waiting for the feelings to hit, but nothing yet. My chocolate, silver colored dog with amber eyes in rolling back and forth on the floor thoroughly enjoying herself. I made it my goal, this morning, to like whatever kind of coffee I put... Continue Reading →


It begins slow and gentle Like the rising sun. Our skin warms, Chests rise and fall, Push and pull, An ancient dance. We race to the finish, Breath heavy, mouths open- Searching, And then - release! Sweet release of all the pain and sadness I carry. The tears come And I am whole again.

The Truth Ain’t Always Pretty

One day my co-worker told me they watched people. And yes, they were quite perceptive but when you get down to it you can never understand a person completely. I remember sitting in the car with my father and mother one day, driving past the drug store on the way home, they were arguing, and... Continue Reading →

Maybe I should get some help.

What. A. Week. Nothing really bad happened but it was just mentally difficult. Someone in my life was trying to be supportive and asked what they could do to help and I just kept repeating, "Nothing, it's really all me, it's in my head and I just have to stop thinking the way I'm thinking."... Continue Reading →

Itchy Soul

As I sit here typing I am listening to Mac Miller's "new" 2020 album, more specifically, the song "Good News" and thinking "Damn, why did he have to die so young?". Drug addiction is a bitch my friends....a bitch, but I digress. If you all have been following me long enough you know that I... Continue Reading →

I must be pretty messed up…

I’m currently reading, some actively and some just sitting on my kindle half finished, NINE self-help books. Must be I think I am pretty messed up and need to be fixed…well, yeah, doesn’t everyone? My mentality since I started dating my significant other two years ago and when I quit drinking a little over a... Continue Reading →

Instagram Culture/Selfies

I was recently listening to a Jenna + Julien podcast (Jenna Marbles YouTube personality and Julien Solomita Vlogger) and they were discussing many different topics, as per usual, and Jenna brought up Instagram. Specifically, that she hardly posts on Instagram or posts selfies, and I was like GURRRRRL YES! For some reason I find it... Continue Reading →

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